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Jewelleries belong to a must have item for the jet sets. Plenty shops and boutiques with various kinds of jewelleries are ready to meet the customers. It ranges from the cheapest until the most glamorous ones. The buyers need to be selective when picking one because it is more likely to find the fake ones if not careful.

Jewelleries in England have gone a long way in the history. Since the age of the tudors, jewelleries such as necklace, earring, and bracelet has gained its popularity. It shows one's reputation and class; the body can become a walking jewellery display because of the amount of it attached on the body. The kings and queens usually keep their jewelleries inside a box, all luxury and pricy. In modern life, the ones that were initially used or the ones copying the style of the royals can be considered as antique. It fairly competes with the hot shot modern ones, but each has its own market.

One of the most popular jewelleries in the world is diamond. It gains its popularity because it is crystal clear and is claimed to be the most solid mineral in the world. The history of this mineral piece has started a long way since the ancient kingdoms. India is known to have used this material for the first time since 6000 years ago. It was first used as religious icons of Gods there.

Today, it is quite easy to find diamonds as jewellery. Most shops that sell jewelleries usually sell diamond stuffs as well. Due to its high value, diamond is usually sold in small pieces. It can be attached on rings, earrings, and necklaces. The easiest way to get this kind of jewellery in London is by visiting the Tiffany's. Or else, one can visit Graff Diamonds that sell the world's precious gems since 1960. When shopping for diamonds, one should not forget the four C's - Carats, Clarity, Cut, and Color. It measures the best diamonds among the others.

Apart from diamond, gold is also popular among people. Its metallic yellow colored material has attracted the eyes of many. Looking at its history, gold has a long of tales of becoming the most valuable jewellery in the world. It was used by ancient people, way before the bible was written. Just like other jewelleries, gold was widely used by the kings and rulers in the old time. India, Egypt, and Greek mythology used this material to worship Gods and soon became the symbol of power and dignity. In modern life, gold is wanted by people for main material to accessories such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Upon its development, white gold also gains its popularity but cheaper in terms of price.

For those who are interested, London conducts The International Jewellery London every year. It offers exclusive insight towards the trend of jewellery in the world. In 2013, there were more than 600 exhibitors with countless latest collections. The exhibition has six dedicated product dedication so far: Fine, Silver, The Design Gallery, Gems, Diamonds and Precious Gems, and Jewellery Solutions. It is like an all in one exhibition where people can not only see but also buy their favorite jewelleries. It is an event where customers meet the makers and buy the stuffs directly from them. It is like a call from London, exhibiting its finest collection of jewelleries.